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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

TAIWAN 8D7N TRIP DAY 4 (西门町+士林夜市)

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这次入住的民宿(赞助)是位于清境山上第5公里处的“五里坡”-5KM Villa。这家民宿最大的特色是所有的房间并不是连接的,也不是集中于一处。反之遍布在整个迷你山丘上,东南西北各有房间,当然间间特色也不一。


What a shame we stayed only one day in QingJing due to time constraint or it would be much more splendid. Taiwan seems like a little island but it is just impossible to have traveled every part of it in a short period. Even an one month period. Nonetheless, money does manipulate this all. If chances are there again and you'd want to feel snowing, Hehuanshan is a must to visit as you will be more likely to witness the snow.

We were much honoured to be sponsored by 5KM(located along 5th km of QingJing) Villa this time. What differed from other home stay is that rooms of 5KM were not all attached to each other. Instead, they were scattered differently on the hills. Not to forget every room has its own distinct style.

Despite I was suffered by motion sickness along the journey going up winding hills, the tranquility of the 5KM Villa just got me calmed a little. Like a movie portraying a bunch of people yelling at you amid of ballyhoo in the city, vehicles passing by in an endless flow; are all vanished in a sudden. How I love this place with its utmost serenity!

Monday, November 3, 2014

TAIWAN 8D7N TRIP DAY 3 (清境—青青草原+小瑞士花园)

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As the third day in Taiwan, weather was being unkind to us as it rained throughout the whole afternoon. You can't really imagine when excitement just got me through and I had been expecting to embrace the large green field that its edge connects with a plain blue sky. But I was backfired. Also maybe I was so blessed that I found the scenery and view of Cing Jing Farm was mercifully amazing even in the mist. I needed no filter for pictures I guess. Each of them was gratefully covered with a natural filter.

We had our breakfast at HoneyBnB before taking chartered bus to Cing Jing.

TAIWAN 8D7N TRIP DAY 2 (肉蛋吐司店+草悟道+麻辣火锅大餐)

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Day 2 in Taichung is enormously attractive and welcomed by big sun, but it was not a confounded one. Average temperature was between 23-26. If you are a double-layer person like me, you are welcome to have the combination here. Back to the itinerary, remember the 'touch n go' card that we bought from 7-11 the previous day? In Taichung, you could travel for free within 8km by the bus rapid transit (BRT) or the uBus.

Now we have more excuses to go for shopping since we saved up a lot! HA!