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Monday, November 3, 2014

TAIWAN 8D7N TRIP DAY 3 (清境—青青草原+小瑞士花园)

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第二天 Day 2 - 点击这里 Click here



As the third day in Taiwan, weather was being unkind to us as it rained throughout the whole afternoon. You can't really imagine when excitement just got me through and I had been expecting to embrace the large green field that its edge connects with a plain blue sky. But I was backfired. Also maybe I was so blessed that I found the scenery and view of Cing Jing Farm was mercifully amazing even in the mist. I needed no filter for pictures I guess. Each of them was gratefully covered with a natural filter.

We had our breakfast at HoneyBnB before taking chartered bus to Cing Jing.

TAIWAN 8D7N TRIP DAY 2 (肉蛋吐司店+草悟道+麻辣火锅大餐)

第一天 Day 1 - 点击这里 Click here
第三天 Day 3 - 点击这里 Click here


Day 2 in Taichung is enormously attractive and welcomed by big sun, but it was not a confounded one. Average temperature was between 23-26. If you are a double-layer person like me, you are welcome to have the combination here. Back to the itinerary, remember the 'touch n go' card that we bought from 7-11 the previous day? In Taichung, you could travel for free within 8km by the bus rapid transit (BRT) or the uBus.

Now we have more excuses to go for shopping since we saved up a lot! HA!


第二天 Day 2 - 点击这里 Click here
第三天 Day 3 - 点击这里 Click here

曾经是答应过自己必须做到每年都到国外旅行一次,就算是邻国。但数了数,2013 年其实也并没有到国外玩一趟,皆因在去年的暑假(英国制度,所以有暑假)都非常辛勤的打假期工把赚来的钱都买了架相机和数个镜头来满足我爱摄影的喜好。那次还真的是孤注一掷!

于是在一次的机缘巧合下,在台湾念书的友人就一直嚷嚷要我们在春季过去台湾一趟。这一次,也是异曲同工之妙,也是狠下心地把一部分的学费都买了机票,可是春天太赶了,只好挪后到初秋时期,心想也应该蛮凉快的吧,也可以利用2014 的暑假来打工赚取旅费。就这样敲定了8天7夜的台湾之旅。。。

I had once promised myself to go overseas for vacation annually, even it is neighbouring country. Re-ran the trips that I had been to in the past years, 2013 was left without any vacation to overseas. If you follow my blog, you'd have known that I worked real hard for a set of DSLR camera and lenses.

One of my best friends has gone to Taiwan to further her studies.

Out of a random conversation, she asked us to 'hitchhike' towards Taiwan with her. We just felt the sudden urge to plan on a vacation after a long resting year and without hesitation we booked the flight ticket. What a shame we could not just make it for summer, thus we got it postponed to fall. Secondly, the summer break in 2014 would have just come in time for supplementing the travelling expenses.