Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Lately I've a large appetite for running and swimming. The irony, people might think why the one who had always found some excuses to skip running or hitting the gym room whenever called, has now, re-ignite the interest of it. The greater part of it that's been lately discovered is that running on a treadmill would kill every bit of interest off. Really. Biggest discovery this week is the park that I'd been to uncountable time, turns out to be this stunningly amazing. Or I never had noticed it before.

And I bound to run more as I age, I think.

(photos taken by iPhone 4s)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It happens to be like I'm wrapping myself in the blanket for no reason. It is stifling hot when it comes to Chinese New Year period. Above all, it is also nice to have cloudless skies. Imaginary got me golden sunlight. Or shiny splendid gold shimmering to arise your drowsiness. Or a sheet of yellowish filter.

So it was always abrupt for us to gather for a shoot. Seeing the ever same skies every day in the past week hoping that 'tomorrow' will be the same.

None of the above imaginaries ever appeared. NONE.

Hence an awkward occasion.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015


I thought I couldn't get enough of traveling ever since I was back from Taiwan and Singapore. And I thought I was ready to risk everything in term of monetary. Traveling to three places in 3 months sounds a tad insane to a student like me especially at the time I was struggled to get my final year assignments done. Again I thought the desire to travel was unbridled-ly contagious thus I was so lucky to have a bunch of friends who are impetuous like me at the meanwhile. For the sake of budgeting our pocket, north up to Hatyai would be great!

1. Chokdee Dimsum & Bah Kut Teh

I've never thought the combination of dimsum and Bah Kut Teh would be so natural like they are meant to be with each other. Seeing the crowd is already overwhelming.

2. Pork Shashlik

In Thailand, I'm surprised by their standardisation of their quality. Be it the stalls at roadsides, or in hypermarket, their pork shashlik is very nice to taste.

3. Tesco Lotus & Night Market

Photoshooting in front of Tesco Lotus. Just me. Spent a good time at Tesco Lotus, night market and getting a good massage.

4. Township
Walking around the Hatyai town and eat out.

5. Around Floating Market